You have obviously come across this site because you are a dedicated lifter, or your search engine malfunctioned.  Either way, welcome.

This site is dedicated to all things Manbarf.

If you are here to critique my ways and philosophies, you will be barfed on immediately.  You cannot critique perfection.  It critiques you and grabs a hold of your fat rolls and jiggles them.  This site is not for the runner, the endurance athlete, or the “I’ve been lifting for years and still look the same” guy.  We here at Manbarf are dedicated to three things:

1) Protein
2) Extreme Muscle
3) Protein

If you are willing to learn, Manbarf can teach you.  If you are close-minded you will not prosper in your barfness.

It was difficult for Manbarf to stuff all his knowledge into this site as he has so much.  His knowledge will be more and more barfed out here on the site little by little as to not overload the server.  This site is in its rudimentary stages. It can be compared to how you were before you hit the gym –  looked like garbage but you work at it and everyday it looks a little better – just like this site.  Not very pleasing to the eye as of yet, but Manbarf is a bodybuilder and his focus must first be on muscle and protein.  The site comes third.

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Follow Manbarf:

Facebook: Manbarf Barf
Twitter: Newbarforder
Youtube: Newbarforder Channel
Discussion: discussions-online.com (Bodybuilding Forum)


Disclaimer: Manbarf does not assume any responsibility for the injuries you are bound to incur from following what he says.  Quite possibly, Manbarf may not know what he’s talking about and his advice is based off of barf.  Barf barf barfing. Barf barf, barf barf barf. Barf only when barf is barf. Take everything with a grain of barf.

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